The paintings were shown in a collaborative exhibition Sympatia of Juulia Terho and Kaisa Kunelius in B -gallery, Turku, in 8.2.-19.2.2017.

How does observing randomized shapes and appearances differ from looking at an abstract painting? Does an artist’s awareness bring a certain social outreach in the experience of watching? If the artist feels sympathy towards the used materials, will the observer experience the same? How does an abstract piece of art affect its viewer?


Notes, 2017
Oil, paper and glitter yarn on board
ca. 23 cm x 24 cm




Forest cube

Forest cube, 2017
Oil on board




Hour, 2017
Oil on board
ca. 15 cm x 9 cm



Two letters, 2017Two letters, 2017
Oil and remains of silk fabric
ca. 30 cm x 41 cm



Red markings in the room, 2017
Oil, washi and remains of silk fabric on board
140 cm x 161 cm



Nightly fields, 2017
Oil, remains of silk fabric, silk yarn and washi on board
ca. 39 cm x 45 cm